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How This All Got Started

8 May

Six years ago we welcomed Dino-Man in to our family. It had been a difficult pregnancy and we were told many times that he would not make it. But defying all odds, and relying heavily on the power of prayer and God’s mercy and grace, he joined our family.

Within a couple of weeks of being born Dino-Man turned in to a non-stop crying fool. He would cry and cry and cry and all I could was rock his sweet self until the Soldier would get home from work and then he would rock him until bedtime.

We soon realized that much of the food I was eating was transferring through the milk he was consuming and making him terribly sick. For a year I then lived on the blandest diet possible, mostly chicken and rice.

In his first year of life we fought endless ear infections, by the second year it was regular asthma attacks. He then got so sick that we spent a Christmas in hospital as he cried in pain from his abdomen despite the morphine they were pumping in to him. We finally realized the poor guy is allergic to dairy, all forms of dairy, and removing that completely from his diet has alleviated both the abdominal pain as well as the asthma symptoms. Last fall he developed psoriasis, a condition often reserved for much older individuals, and we have had to once again evaluate what is going in to his body.

And through this a shift has started. Dino-man cannot eat like other children, most children’s menus have items that contain milk in one form or another. Most pre-packaged foods and dinner has dairy in them as well. Dairy hides in a lot of places my friend.

So I had one option, to become extremely diligent about everything he eats, and to start making most of his food. This had meant a return to the basics, simple vegetables, lean meats, and a little creativity. It means that some days I have to cook for two or three hours to make a dish that he can eat, and that we can all enjoy.

So here are the recipes that I have created, that I have found that are still creamy and delicious, kid-friendly and healthy.  Each one I have tried and re-tried until it tasted just right.  And the fun that we have between meals.


Welcome. Simply U. Simply Me.

2 May

Hello and welcome to Simply U.  Simply Me.

This is our story of looking to simplify to gain a homestead.

We’re a family of five, living in suburbia, and realizing our hearts yearn for simplicity.

To heal our son we have gone dairy free, this our story, the recipes I’ve created, and the fun that we have between meals.

This is our journey as reclaim a simpler life.