Thursday Fun – Ivory Soap

28 Jun

Are you a pinterest junkie?  I totally am.  I love to find ideas to do with my kids, things to cook, things to make, ways that I will never actually decorate my house but in pretend Ule-Land I want to…. If you’re in to it like I am, lets be pinterest friends!  Find me here!!!

So when I saw this idea I had to pin it for later.  This comes from Our Best Bites and truly is genius.  Sticking Ivory Soap in the microwave?  Genius!  And I love this idea because it it on the cheap and the kids had a BLAST.

It is simple to do.

You need ::

Ivory Soap

A microwave

Wax paper

Put a piece of wax paper in the microwave and stick your unwrapped bar of Ivory soap on in there.  Set your microwave for a few minutes on high power and watch you soap poof up.  You don’t have to do the full 2 minutes, just until your bar is how you want it.

Now my microwave was waaaaaaaaay too dirty to take a picture of.  But here are my sweet babes faces watching it puff up.

And then we took it outside to play, because it is super crumbly and I didn’t want it all over my house.  (I promise SW is happy, I think the sun was just in his eyes…)

Then they decided they wanted to see what happened when you put water on it and this happened…. I don’t blame them.

Have you tried this?  What fun things did you do with it?  Leave a comment below!

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