Thursday Fun – Crystal Shapes

5 Jul

My kids love to play pipe-cleaners.  And who can blame them?  They’re so, they’re bendy, they’re fun!  So we decided to take it to the next level and crystalize our pipe-cleaners.

This was super fun and easy.  I think you could print out shapes and let the kids copy those but for today we just “free-styled”.

What you need:

Borax (powdered, in your laundry aisle)


boiling water

wide-mouth jars

To Make ::

Have your children make whatever they want out of the pipe-cleaners, I told mine to do whatever, just make sure it would fit in the jar.

Put 1/2 cup Borax in each jar that your are using and then fill with boiling water.  Still until completely dissolved.  I allowed the olders to do this, for the younger I did it for her, didn’t want any burns!

Tie a string to one end of your design and to a pen or pencil at the other.  It only needs to be long enough so that your child’s creation can hang in the water/borax mix.

Then simply put in and let sit over night.  When you pull it out the next morning it will be a pretty, sparkly design!

I think this would be fun to do themed to holidays – pumpkins in the fall, stars and gingerbread men in the winter, etc.  What would you and your child make?



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