August 1st? The shift – the Mommy Files

31 Jul

Tomorrow is August 1st?  Like, for the reals?

I’m not entirely sure where July went.  I have a vague haze memory that there was June.  What is it about summer?

Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of summer, I prefer cooler weather to hot weather any day.  I prefer layers of warm clothes and the perfect reason to drink tea all day long.  I like to turn on my oven for hours at a time, cooking and baking, without melting in to my kitchen floor.

But summer is not all bad, I love having my children home, with few, if any, schedules to keep.  We sleep in, we enjoy parks, casual days, fun as it comes to us.  I love that dinner is not rushed by practices, meetings, and expectations.  There isn’t homework to clog up our evenings, and the stress of “have to” almost doesn’t exist.

August is coming though, and quickly our world is flipping back the other way.  Football started this week, multiple practices and weekend games.  SW goes back to school in a week, a week.  I pick up our homeschool curriculum tomorrow, it requires reading and planning, cleaning and preparing.  I must prepare Sis’ preschool program, she is itching to read, it is her nature, time to hit the alphabet hard.  Dino-man still cannot read, it is his nature, we will be hitting reading hard this year.

I’ve begun cleaning stuff out, I am not a spring cleaner, no, for me the new year starts with school.  An old double stroller that they’ve outgrown, Sis’ crib bedding that she hasn’t used in years but I’ve held on to, curriculum we don’t need anymore, the odds and ends that clutter up your life.  Instead a couple of extra dollars in the pocket to start the school year off with.

Calendars are carefully laid out, so that nothing is forgotten.  And my heart breaks, just a little.  Because each new school year means they’re growing up that much more, getting that much older.  More independent, less reliant on mom.


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