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The Mommy Files – Who Writes These Things?

17 Jul

Here is a completely random, in no particular order, probably pretty meaningless, top 10 about the girl writing this blog ::

(that is not the girl writing this blog btw)

10.  I have a clock on my side of the bed that reads the entirely wrong time.  I find it whimsical.

9.  Given the choice between chocolate and dill pickles, dill pickles would win every time.

8.  I homeschool two children, my oldest, SW, goes to a local school.  It can be a little schizophrenic at times.  Please send cupcakes.

7.  I am a reader.  I rarely see movies.

6.  Unless it is the Princess Bride.  If you watch that with me please expect me to quote the entire movie right along with the actors.

5.  My husband knew that about me and married me anyways.  What a guy.

4.  It is pronounced You-Lee, not Yule.  I am not a Christmas treat.

3.  I consider myself a pretty relaxed mom, some day I will do a post all about my kitchen table, not what happens around it, but the table itself.  Someday, and it will be epic, and you will understand.

2.  I will brake for animals, every animal, every time.  Once I braked for an escaped turtle, I kid you not.  And then we found the owners and the mom was so appreciative we didn’t run over her son’s pet.  And I hope that one day, when we finally get chickens and goats, if Omelet, my future chicken, escapes, someone will brake for her too.

1.  And all joking aside, my family is my everything.  That is why I write this blog, it is a testimony to what we do and the fun we have doing it.  I don’t have all the answers but we’re sure going to laugh trying to figure it out.  And have a cupcake, always a cupcake.